Umaid Bhawan PalaceThe Pride of Jodhpur

There was once much activity in the cutting and kitchen gardens at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, Vermont. The Lincoln family servants gathered an abundance of fruit, flowers and vegetables from the kitchen gardens for household use. A playhouse for the Lincoln grandchildren once stood at the edge of the garden.

Magnotta Winery-At Magnotta you will be able to tour 75,000 sq ft of production and bottling space. Their facilities also boast an underground cellar displaying vintage wines and authentic historical copper tools that were used in barrel making.

When it comes to religion, Christianity is predominant in the country, with about 95% of the population being Christian. There are various denominations, mainly Anglican, Catholic and Baptist. The country has the largest number of churches per capita in the world. The Bahamians have high enthusiasm and regard for both religion and education.

St. Croix- Probably one of the least known cruise destinations on the Eastern Caribbean Islands, St. Croix is the largest U.S. Virgin Island and home to the U.S.’s easternmost point-Point Udall. While the tourism industry is not as developed as on the other Caribbean islands, nor does it have duty free shopping, it is a great alternative. There are plenty of activities like snorkeling and horseback riding to engage in, and tourist attractions like Fort Frederick to visit.

4. Southeast Asia – Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar [Burma], Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

8. Nightlife – There tends to be a small selection but size tends to be important in the Maldives, the larger the island the more more bars, live music and restaurants there tends to be. Most islands have informal discos around the bar areas, sometimes featuring live bands. Beach parties and barbecues are also popular.

Ha Dhaalu Atoll’s capital is Kulhudhuffushi and is basically an administrative division. It is one of the largest islands in Maldives and quite populated. The night life is quite rocking here and many good places to eat can be found here. Overall a laid back island which forms a major part of all Maldives honeymoon trips.

In Ngorongoro crater we counted seeing nearly all the same animals again in one day. In Lake Nakuru we spotted Rhinos! We watched as a giraffe casually walked the length of the local air strip and our group followed a lioness and her three cubs as they started their evening hunt. In Lake Naivasha we walked, yes walked, with zebras, gazelles and more. We motored a boat past hippos and flamingos.

The weather in Maldives is extremely surprising. It is very common to experience cold winds and summers. Thus, while packing, make sure that you carry a pair of winter clothes and rain jackets even when you are traveling in summer to ensure that the weather doesn’t play a spoil sport to your holiday to Maldives.